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Re: We need your help! (Owner Reviews)

Postby steve100 » Tue Sep 29, 2015 12:05 pm

steve100 wrote:Year 2014
Model Mazda 6 2.2 175 auto skyactive saloon.
Engine size 2.2
Fuel type deisle
Length of ownership 6 months
Favorite things Performance looks colour silver
Would i buy another if it stays reliable certainly
Any warnings Make sure you get a spare wheel. In my opinion no car should be sold without one !
Purchased with 9000 on the clock now 17000. 8000 pleasure miles.
Economy For the performance Great far better than the two 2.2 toyotas i had before
Driveability Always a pleasure !
Performance.For a 2.2 deisle auto of that size STUNNING ! Far better than the 2.2 Toyotas i had and equal to the 2.5 V6 petrol Mondeo and 2.3 supercharged mazda xedos 9 miller that i had previousley.
Equipment Everything you could want although mine has not got the saftey pack and i think you need it because it definatley has a blind spot on both sides.
Comfort. Oh Yes !
Practicality. For me it is the boot is large enough but i wish they had kept the hatchback like the mondeo for the extra height but it may have spoilt the looks.
Reliability. Only had it 6 months just one problem the turbo inlet pipe blew off meaning a recovery even with mazda assist ! Dealer said they had never had it happen before blamed a weak clip replaced with much bigger and stronger one the also made a complaint to mazda assist as this should have been a simple road side repair and not a recovery guess i was just lucky. WILL REVEIW AGAIN WHEN I HAVE HAD THE CAR LONGER.
Anything to note The infotainment screen could have been larger as it is on the facelift model although i think they should have blended it into the dash better as Toyota has on the new Avensis. On the Mazda as with Mercedes and the B M W it looks like a bit of an afterthought. SHAME. But still looks and is a great car overlooked by many.
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Re: We need your help! (Owner Reviews)

Postby tonyh » Wed Sep 30, 2015 7:04 pm

year: Jan 2010
model: Ts2 Wagon
engine: 2.2
fuel: Diesel
owned for: 20 months
favourite things: Looks, colour (copper red), ride and handeling
would I buy another: The jury's out!

economy: 44mpg average
driveability: v good
performance: Acceptable
equiptment: All one needs is there (except heated windscreen)
comfort: No complaints
practicality: It's an estate!
reliability: Ouch! In June had injector seals and an injector replaced due to leaking seal causing carbon to gum up engine. Cost me £700+ after Mazda and dealer contribution. NOW the dpf light has been flashing and the dealer has diagnosed a stretched timing chain, cost of £600 after Mazda's contribution.
The car has full main dealer service history, and has done less than 60k.
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Re: We need your help! (Owner Reviews)

Postby organss » Wed May 23, 2018 6:57 pm

Year:2006 Hatchback
Engine size:1998 CC
Fuel Type:DIESEL
Length of ownership:1 MONTH
Your favourite thing(s) about your 6: Style and looks.
Would you buy another 6: So far YES.
A few personal words about your 6: Was given the vehicle by a friend who has stopped driving. So first time ever with a 6.
Economy: Excellent 45-55 mpg
Driveability: love it.
Performance: Much better than expected
Equipment:Standard + self fitted reversing sensors
Comfort: excellent
Practicality:So far so good Love large boot
Reliability: Too soon to tell but previous owner had no problems.
Obviously not the latest model but I am impressed with it.
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